18 septembre 2013

CFB Opening Night

Thanks to all who attended the opening night of the CFB's 2013-14 season.
We hope you like the upcoming programme and enjoyed the music, the dancing and the chat. Do please let us know.  Did you take any pictures? Any you would like to share?

Extra! events
There was quite a lot of French spoken tonight, and the Extra! events we are planning will feature much more.  We'll be supplying details on the first of these shortly and wondered whether it would be useful to provide some advance language information likely to be covered in the topic.  What do you think? What would help?

Remember Culture Night is this Friday, 20 September.

1 commentaire:

  1. Merci Chris et Philip et le reste de l'équipe du Cercle français pour cette ouverture qui fut en effet joyeuse! Ça fait plaisir de (ré-)écouter quelques chansons non entendues depuis un certain temps.
    De plus, le programme de l'année s'annonce passionnant, de quoi me faire regretter d'avoir cours le mercredi soir! Peut-être que je devrais emmener mes étudiants en "sortie pédagogique"...