28 septembre 2015

Soiree d'accueil 16 septembre

The new season got underway on 16 September with a mini-general meeting at which two new committee members were elected, Drew Millar and Isabelle Chaboud.  Bienvenue !
A mystery box was presented containing numbered items which were then given to members with the corresponding number.  Later in the evening when they had a chance to compose their thoughts they addressed the meeting sharing details about their mystery item - there were CDs, history and cookery books and a card game.
The upcoming programme was the main item of business and it was generally agreed that there was plenty to entertain and inform over the year ahead.

The meeting concluded with the provision of membership cards.  This year they will be date-stamped on each attendance and at the annual dinner those with full attendance can enter their card in a draw for a complimentary bottle of the featured wine.
If you haven't joined yet, don't worry you can start collecting those date stamps from the next meeting on 7 October.