22 juillet 2020

Quelles nouvelles ? juillet 2020

Dear all,
I do hope all's still well.
If anyone might be interested in what the Champs-Elysées was looking like yesterday...

This is the open-air terrace of the brasserie L'Alsace. I'm with a Canadian friend, Jill.
(Most of the year she lives in London but has a little flat in Paris too. She managed to escape!)

The semi-tropical plant enclosure is for people who didn't get away on a foreign holiday to
take photos of themselves inside (as if they're in an exotic location)!

You'll note the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser outside the 'tropical enclosure'...

Something extra...

The note, pinned to our building's front door, invites us to rent out our apartment to a film production company. There always seem to be films being made in and around Paris.

I applied to be an 'extra' once in a production by Les Frères Dardenne; the directors
changed the filming dates, and it fell through.

Very best,

John was one of the founder members of the original Alliance Française de Belfast, now the Cercle français. Although living and working in Paris he keeps in close touch with the cercle and we are delighted to hear his news and updates on life in France.