11 avril 2023

Cercle de Lecture : Un Secret par Philippe GRIMBERT

 Chers Amis,

The next meeting of the Cercle Français de Belfast will take place on ….

… mercredi 12 avril 2023 à 19h30 and will be online as a Zoom meeting

(The Link will be emailed to MEMBERS ONLY* on 12 avril 2023)

Cercle de Lecture : Un Secret par Philippe GRIMBERT

With : Brigitte GOURLEY

Join us for a discussion of this short but compelling novel of buried family secrets.

Growing up in post-war Paris as the sickly only child of glamorous , athletic parents, the narrator invents for himself a make-believe brother, older, stronger, and more brilliant than he can ever be.”

The book is available in French and English and it has also been made into a film/DVD.


ENGLISH Softcover, ISBN 9781846270444

FRENCH Softcover, ISBN 9783150197318

You will find it on Amazon, Ebay, many other online bookstores and on www.bookfinder.com.


A Secret” directed by Claude Miller. This may be difficult to source but here is a link to the trailer ..


So come along and join in the discussion.