24 décembre 2020

Joyeux Noël et bonne année 2021


Chers amis du Cercle français de Belfast,

Nous vous souhaitons à toutes et à tous,

Joyeux Noël, bonne année et bonne santé pour 2021.

Le comité du cercle.

07 décembre 2020

Upcoming talk on Louis PASTEUR

 Zoom talk on Wednesday 9 December by Leeann McKEE on Louis PASTEUR.  us

Pasteurisation of milk, and of course wine, the discovery of optical isomers, vaccines for rabies and anthrax - all of these were discoveries by Louis Pasteur. He was a polymath in the fields of medicine, chemistry and bacteriology. Was he however a fraud? Let's look at the major works of the "Father of Microbiology" with the hindsight of his recently discovered laboratory handbooks and find out more about this complex genius. 

Remember you will need to have joined our mailing list via cfbelfast@gmail.com in order to subscribe to the Zoom call.*

Looking forward to seeing you there!

How about a visit to Versailles?

Allison sent the link below describing it as “A ‘sight & sound experience’ – 6 episodes available in French and English”.

Believe me it is all that and more. Simply wonderful. Enjoy ….

Expodcast : Centre de musique baroque de Versailles (cmbv.fr)

À bientôt,


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 soin de vous et de vos proches,

À bientôt, Philip

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08 novembre 2020

CfB November talk. Haussmann et Paris embellie

Chers Amis,

This month's event is …. 

Topic: Haussmann et Paris embellie

with: Hélène Guillet and Philip McGrory

Hélène et Philip vous emmènent dans le Paris de Napoléon III avec les grands travaux du Baron Haussmann pour l’embellissement de Paris. 

Hélène and Philip take you back to the Paris of Napoleon III with the large-scale transformation of the city under the design of Baron Haussmann. 

This presentation will take the form of a video to be available on the Cercle Français de Belfast's private YouTube Channel. Watch out for an email arriving in your inbox on Wednesday 11th November containing a link to the video.

Prenez soin de vous et de vos proches,

À bientôt, Philip