06 janvier 2016

Fête des rois 2016

Our annual bal musette to celebrate the Fête des rois took place on the sixth!
The now traditional blend of music and dance, provided by Bal Feirste, got everyone into party mood.  This band of musicians and dancers have been sharing their passion for French music and dance in Belfast since 2011 and tonight they were in fine form.

Letting musicians and dancers take a breather, it was time to share out portions of galette. Taking advantage of the break, Claudine explained the practice of family, friends and colleagues getting together throughout January to share a galette and the crowning of a king and queen for the evening - this latter decided by the declared discovery of a bean hidden in the galette.

The galettes, more this year than last, had been baked to perfection by Amelie and were helped on their way with a small glass of cider.  The feves did not remain hidden for long and Our King and Queen were crowned and this year we decided to honour a Princess as well !

Then it waa back to more music and dance...
We'll let these pictures convey the atmosphere of another very successful evening. 

Bonne année 2016 !