01 avril 2020

Bulletin mensuel : avril 2020

Chers Amis,
Tout d’abord, j’espère que vous vous portez bien et que, malgré l’inquiétude, vous arrivez à profiter de quelques beaux moments en famille ou entre amis, que cela soit en vrai ou en virtuel. Pour rester connecter à la langue et à la culture françaises pendant le confinement, j’ai le grand plaisir de vous présenter, grâce à Philip, cette newsletter spéciale ciné, avec focus sur Jean Seberg.
A très bientôt pour notre prochaine newsletter. En attendant, prenez soin de vous.
Bonne lecture et bon ciné !

Dear friends,
First of all, I hope that you are well and that, despite concerns, you are managing to enjoy some beautiful time, whether real or virtual, with family or friends. To stay connected to the French language and culture during the 'lockdown', I have the great pleasure of presenting to you, thanks to Philip, this special cinema newsletter, with a focus on Jean Seberg.
Watch out for our next newsletter. In the meantime, take care of yourself.
Enjoy reading and good movies!

Discovered recently on YouTube …. “Saint Joan”, Otto Preminger's 1957 film of George Bernard Shaw's 1923 play. 
Bernard Shaw's words and the fragile on-screen presence of Jean Seberg, who could resist it?

Jean Seberg was the young American actor who became a darling of the French New Wave, learned to speak French, lived and tragically, in 1979, died in Paris. Below are some links you might like to explore ...

Jean Seberg Interview (1960, French with English subtitles)

Cheapened and neutralized: why the FBI destroyed actress Jean Seberg’s life. (English) 

Jean Seberg, actrice américaine vivant en France, ses derniers jours jusqu'au 30 août 1979
Moving away from Jean Seberg here are some other links to help you keep in touch with France and things French ….

For everything you need to know about French feature films: news, international releases, box office, festival attendance, …

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Movies from QFT ...

MUBI (Subscription. Intro. Offer 3 months for £1)
Léon Morin, Priest 

Prenez soin de vous et de vos proches,

À bientôt, Philip