Programme 2021 - 2022

22 septembre 2021

Pôt de l’amitié avec un vin de Touraine

Bridgene et Philippe ARNAUD

Bridgene and Philippe join us online from lovely Tours nestled between the Loire and Cher valleys. They will take us on a virtual tour of a nearby winemaker and share some of the rituals associated with wine.  Why not pick a bottle of Touraine wine to sip along with the presentation?  Remember of course to boire avec modération.

13 octobre 2021

France and Vietnam


Although the first Indochina War took place in late 1946, France's involvement in the region dates to a decision made by Napoleon III, almost a century earlier.  Vikki returns to our talks programme with a fascinating exposé reflecting another of her many historical interests.


27 octobre 2021

Les boîtes de nuit de Paris

Elaine BELL

Boire, danser, flirter, s’amuser ; les boîtes de nuit de Paris, à partir des salons du XVIIIe siècle jusqu’au clubs à la mode de ces derniers temps.



17 novembre 2021

Cercle de lecture : Le Petit Homme d'Arkhangelsk par Georges SIMENON


Jim says of his book choice, Le Petit Homme d'Arkhangelsk par Georges SIMENON, “The stories by Simenon of Maigret fame have enthralled me for years but this one gripped my attention some time ago as a dramatization in TV5 monde under the title Monsieur Joseph.  The French version comes up to the very best in any language when an off-the -cuff answer to the whereabouts of his young wife causes Jonas' ostracization by the whole village and his being accused of murder.  There is no greater example in history or literature that will convey evil where none exists, and which has such tragic consequences”.  English / French.


15 décembre 2021

Belgian Chocolatiers

Rosemary BLACK

Chocolate is often given as a gift, especially at Christmas.
Why not celebrate the start of the festive season with a petit tour of some of the famous Belgian Chocolatiers and learn a little of their origin and craft?

5 janvier 2022

Cook-online and The First Time I saw Paris

Patricia HARDIMAN et Joyce GIBSON

Mangez-vous français ? Another cookery demonstration from Patricia’s kitchen and while the cooking is underway, we will be treated to a humorous talk from Joyce entitled: The First Time I saw Paris, recollections of a 1950 Sixth form visit to post-war Paris, in the company of Miss Christina Williams and her 600 other A-level students.



23-24 janvier 2022

La Nuit de la Lecture


Jeux, lectures et échanges sur la langue française et la littérature francophone, pour tous les amoureux de la langue française.

All levels welcome!


9 février 2022

SS Île-de-France et son art-déco

Felix SCHMIDT et Patricia HARDIMAN

Discover life onboard the renowned passenger liner, L’Ile de France as she worked the Trans-Atlantic route from Le Havre to New York.  Experience the French way of life on the ship through a virtual Atlantic crossing and enjoy the most fabulous use and exhibition of Art Deco from 1927 to 1939 and again from 1949 to 1959.


23 février 2022

Un artiste au passé controversé

Brigitte GOURLEY

Michel Jacquot (1896-1981) Illustrateur - Dessinateur de presse et affichiste ; un artiste au passé controversé !

Brigitte partage quelques aspects clés de la vie et des œuvres de son grand-oncle Michel Jacquot, un artiste français renommé qui devint un personnage controversé au sein de sa famille pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale et longtemps après.

Brigitte shares some key aspects of the life and work of her great uncle Michel Jacquot, a well -known French artist and illustrator who became a controversial and divisive figure within her family during the Second World War and long after.


8 mars 2022

Élisabeth Louise VIGÉE LE BRUN

Michael ROOZE

A talk about a comparatively unknown artist, these days but not in her own long lifetime, who not only had an amazing life but kept a detailed diary about her life and all the trials and tribulations to which she was subjected.  She was an astonishingly prolific painter; at least 660 works by her are known.  She has a room dedicated to her work in the Louvre and there are one or two paintings in British galleries. 

13 avril 2022

L'Alliance Française & le rayonnement du français dans le monde

Hélène GUILLET et Philip McGRORY

Partons à la découverte de cette institution qui promeut la langue et la culture de la France à travers le monde.

Let's discover together this institution which aims at promoting France's language and culture throughout the word.

21 mai 2022

Pique-nique en blanc

Last year our picnics took place online from our gardens.  We’re hoping to meet up in person this time and in keeping with the en blanc custom of secret locations, we will reveal the venue a short while beforehand.  Remember to wear something white and bring a picnic!

21 juin 2022

Fête de la Musique

This time we are hoping to curate a range of performances from within and outside our Cercle as we once again take part in the world-renowned celebration of music.

14 juillet 2022

La Fête Nationale

Another online playlist with snaps, snippets, souvenirs, and songs submitted by members to celebrate France and its national day.  Check out our YouTube channel.