14 janvier 2017

La nuit de la lecture 14 janvier 2017

Tonight, 14 January, the first Nuit de la lecture takes place all over France.
It's brilliant to see how many events have been planned and just how diverse they are. Check out the clickable map at the following link: La Nuit de la lecture to see what's happening in or near a French town that you know.

At our annual Bal musette, earlier this week, it was suggested that members might like to take the opportunity to share details of what they are presently reading.  In that way we could join in spirit with the French event.

Here's what some members are reading:

I've started Le corps de ma mère by Tunisian writer, Fawzia Zouari. You can find details of the book on the publisher's page here.  I am not that far into the book but have already found that I can relate to some of the issues raised. Making me think.

I'm reading A Country Road, A Tree by Jo Baker. This is in English but the story is based on Samuel Beckett life in Paris during WW2. You can find details on Good Reads at this link.

Has just finished reading the part-autobiography, Below Stairs by Margaret Powell.  Here's a Good Reads link.  The book has an intriguing handwritten French inscription inside the front cover.  It reads "En vue de la troisieme saison... Joyeux anniversaire."  Any detectives out there?  Gerry is now reading Graham Greene's A life in letters.  Greene was a great French-speaking traveller, visiting Vietnam, French Indo-China four times researching The Quiet American. While he was in Saigon the French Commander-in-Chief, Général de Lattre, concluded Greene was a spy.
Gerry also has a Tintin app on his iPad but he says that's another story...

Like to share what you are reading?
Then please send details to Philip at cfbelfast@gmail.com  or add them via comments below. 

03 janvier 2017

Fête des rois et bal musette

The Christmas holidays may have come to an end but you can still enjoy the festive spirit by joining in the Cercle Français de Belfast's celebration of La Fête des Rois.

This year our Fête des Rois Bal musette will be held on Wednesday 11th January 2017 at 19h30 in The Dark Horse Coffee House.

Please note:While this event is free for members, guests will be asked to make a contribution of £5.

Bonne année,