02 mars 2023

Madame de Montespan and forthcoming events

Chers Amis,

The next meeting of the Cercle Français de Belfast will take place on ….

… mercredi 8 mars 2023 à 19h30 and will be online as a Zoom meeting

(The Link will be emailed to MEMBERS ONLY* on 8 mars 2023)

Topic: Madame de Montespan

With: Allison NEILL-RABAUX

To mark International Women's Day join us as Allison shares the story of Madame de Montespan 1640-1707 "maîtresse-en-titre" to Louis XIV but also dubbed "the true queen of France". It is a story of intrigue and poison at the court of Versailles, you'll not want to miss

*Please note: While information about our events is circulated to everyone on our mailing list the links giving access to our Zoom meetings are sent only to members and to guests who have paid for one-off attendance (£5). For more information please contact cfbelfast@gmail.com.

The Zoom link will be sent to members and registered guests on the morning of the event.

Franco-Irish Literary Festival 2023

February 24th–26th March, Dublin Castle & Alliance Française

(Note: Most events take place in Dublin Castle on the Saturday so it is well worth taking a day trip to Dublin.)

Join us for the 23rd edition of the Franco-Irish Literary Festival, jointly organised by Alliance Française and the French Embassy, in Dublin Castle and Alliance Française Dublin, on the theme: Hope.
Over three days, 13 ‌writers‌ ‌and‌ performers ‌of English, Irish and French languages will be discussing the subject through panel discussions, interviews, readings, a slam performance and a screening. Books will be available for sale & signing.

full programme of the Festival >>

Simultaneous interpreting provided in English and French. Admission free for all events on a first come/first served basis. No advance booking is required, except for the reading performance on Friday evening.

Do you want to know a SECRET?

Our event in April will be a discussion on the novel Un Secret / Secret by Philippe Grimbert.

Growing up in post-war Paris as the sickly only child of glamorous , athletic parents, the narrator invents for himself a make-believe brother, older, stronger, and more brilliant than he can ever be.”

The book is available in French and English and there is also a film/DVD.


ENGLISH Softcover, ISBN 9781846270444 Publisher: Granta Books

FRENCH Softcover, ISBN 9783150197318 Publisher: Reclam Philipp Jun.

You will find it on Amazon, Ebay, many other online bookstores and on www.bookfinder.com.


A Secret” directed by Claude Miller. This may be difficult to source but here is a link to the trailer ..


Looking forward to seeing you on 8th March.

À bientôt, Philip